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Forgiving Marcos as Catholics

     Why can’t we just forgive if we were Catholics?

     A question was raised if the Philippines, which prides itself for being the only Catholic country in Asia (which technically speaking isn’t true anymore since South Korea and China are now following suit), cannot just move on, respect and forgive Ferdinand E. Marcos (FEM), the president who declared Martial Law spurring several human rights abuses and corruption of Imeldific proportions.

     What we feel collectively is a summation of individual experiences. Consider a typical story among 324o killed, 34,000 torutured and 70,000 imprisoned.  For decades now, a family still tries to figure out the location of their father’s body. This member of their family, during Marcos regime had been abducted because of perceived rebellion and was never to be found ever since. Up to this day, although they cannot be clueless on what happened to their loved one – what with all the horrible tales of tortures worse than death to people with similar fates- they are still looking for answers and justice to their presumably dead. Until this day as well, no one from the Marcoses who had full control of the military back then by virtue of Proclamation 1081 has been held accountable. Not one from their family even had the decency to say a genuine sorry.


Never again! Never forget! Photo from


     EDSA revolution happened and somehow it helped ease the pain because the perpetrators were ousted from the highest seat in the land. The entire country and the rest of the world mourned with this family for their loss by the way of People Power. Every Feb 21 and All Soul’s Day then, they pray for their dead and cry that silent cry for this kind of abuse not to be forgotten and not to be repeated ever again.


     Then came the new presidency. Few saw it coming that the change this fresh administration promised will come in ways that has been unthinkable before. True enough, it did something that’s unprecedented and as one witty celebrity puts it, comparable to the unpredictability of the majority of Game of Thrones episodes. An electoral debt had to be paid and Duterte proved to be quick at that.  The Marcoses, reportedly,contributed a hefty percentage of Duterte’s campaign fund (from the mouth of the babe). Therefore, even though for so long, it has been fairly  common sense not to entertain the thought of FEM being laid to rest in the ground reserved for the heroes of this country, legalities albeit without morality found its way to do otherwise. We had supreme court justices voting 9-5 in favor of  the Marcoses –  and should I say, in favor of the new president.

     After 9 days, like a thief in broad daylight, the late dictator’s remains were buried in full military honors but without the knowledge of the unsuspecting public and the protesters who are still waiting for the result of the motion for reconsideration which could have been filed up to 15 days after the supreme court decision.


Unannounced, FEM’s remains were buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, 9 days after a supreme court ruling. Photo from

Expect the news and the streets to be all about this most shocking turnaround of events in our recent history. Arguments are louder  in social media where almost everyone can give a piece of their mind regardless of sense and sensibility or the lack thereof. Anti and pro-Marcoses are all at rage, hurling stones at one another, each having their own hits which are far less than their tons of misses. Intelligent exchange of differing opinions is still so far from the Filipino consciousness. If it were for any consolation the rest of the world stands the same. Each netizen is either hiding behind anonymity or false identity or deriving courage from being virtual safe from a most probable punch as compared to if the argument was conducted face-to-face. Social media reveals true identities- without censorship and without consequences.


     Let me dedicate this blog post on answering a religion-specific attack. For the record, in any intelligent discussion, whatever irrelevant personal preference should remain untouched. This preference will ubiquitously emanate from  the arguments of person indirectly and need not to be a target of any offensive attack.

     So back to the questioning of how Catholics cannot move on and forgive. The victims have long forgiven but now the wounds are being made new. Had FEM continued to be laid in Batac, Ilocos Norte mausoleum  underneath its wax replica, Martial Law horror would have not come back to haunt us with this intensity. Filipinos are unparalleled when it comes to moving on, believe me. Bongbong Marcos’ almost-win to the vice-presidency is a testament to this.

     Martial Law victims who settled for injustices are being told to move on. They are forced to forgive without the culprits apologizing. They are doing exactly those things, being the better persons in the dire circumstances they are in. Then suddenly they will be slapped with the supreme court ruling that the dictator who started this all will now be revered as a hero. Don’t tell them FEM deserves this as a former president. He was ousted because of grave actions unbecoming of a president. He has long forfeited this title. For most of Filipinos who have nothing to be proud of but the marks their clean names made in history, label is everything. Don’t force us to regard him as what he is not. Marcos is no hero.

     For once let us not abuse the meek and the victims who chose to just settle this on their own accounts alone. They had no body to bury, no answers to their questions, definitely with no closure.

     Don’t tell them to just forgive because they are religious. Mercy and justice should meet as they did on the cross. As St. Thomas puts it, “Mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution. Justice without mercy is cruelty.” We must forgive. We must forget the pain, the hurt, and anger for our enemies’ and  our own’s sake. You can tell that that’s the hard part of forgiving.


Mercy and justice go hand in hand. Image from

      But you know what Christians also have to do? They have to show love by correcting the sins of their neighbors. They should call out wrong doings and never tolerate it by regarding their deeds as heroic. They should also not turn the blind eye just because they thought they benefited from sin. What shrieks me the most from all of these circus is when people scream that Marcos had done so much for the economy. Whatever good that is, clearly it is not long term. Need I remind you we are still all paying for the debt his 21 years of presidency incurred. And if it were true, so what? Never mind that he killed and tortured thousands just because he once made the Philippines “great”?! He was 21 years in service. He made use of our money for those long grueling years. At the very least, It is only expected that he was able to erect some hospitals, bridges and museums of worth!

     You know what else Catholics should do aside from moving on and forgiving? They should have an opinion. It is more so (not even though) because they are Catholics and religious, that they should take a stand. They should feel this burning desire to contribute and participate on nation building. The language of silence is always the easiest to speak but it is the most dangerous as well. Yes, Jesus was someone you can call rebellious during His time and it is for good reason. Catholics should not expect to fight the good fight unscathed! To people who say that CBCP is saying a lot, well let me tell you, the general silence we’re hearing now, it is deafening.

     Catholics  should speak out not only when they are the ones being abused but also when their neighbors  are. We should not tolerate injustices whether made to us or to other people. They should use their heads and use it really well because the devil is cunning.

     It will make no use to exhume his remains. We can move forward. By moving forward, it means bringing justice to all the victims. It means retrieving all the wealth of our country that was ill-gotten by the Marcoses when they were in power up to the very last cent and the last piece of precious stones from their vast shoe collection. It’s time to make every one accountable and answerable by conducting a real investigation this time. Spare no one from the rule of law be them from Marcoses, Aquino or any political clan. Let us settle history once and for all. We deserve to know the past as our nation, who, being lost for so long may only have to know its real identity so it can move forward correctly. Lastly, let’s teach the new generations the truth. Let them not be confused by unfounded conspiracy theories that makes Wattpad really jealous.


How to Replace Lost SSS UMID

My cellphone together with my Unified Multipurpose Identification Card was snatched from me a few months ago. More about that here. I had a “free day” this week which I decided to use productively by re-applying for that lost/stolen card.

Here are the steps for re-applying for a lost UMID card. I hope this helps those of you with the same predicament.

sss-umidI fist secured an affidavit of loss from Bulacan Provincial Capitol in Malolos, Bulacan then proceeded to SSS Branch in Longos, Calumpit , Bulacan inside The Cabanas. I had a very fast and smooth transaction in that branch. Staff were courteous and knowledgeable with their job – even the security guards were so useful/helpful.

  1. Click this link for a downloadable copy of UMID Application Form. From the “Instructions” on the second page, the list of identification documents (primary and secondary) required are listed. Any one primary document will do. For the secondary, you have to submit any two. Print the application form and fill out.
  2. Furnish an Affidavit of Loss from any Notary Public (Php 100). No need to prepare anything to secure this affidavit. Just be clear on stating what specific document or card you have lost and check on every details of the affidavit before signing as “Affiant”. Usually you just have to provide your name, civil status, and complete address. You should be given two (2) notarized, signed and dry-sealed copies upon payment.
  3. Head to any SSS Branch with a Teller or Cashier section. I first tried SSS Branch in Waltermart Guiguinto but I was told that they don’t transact anything which includes payment in that branch. Malolos Branch is open as early as 7am during weekdays so that’s where I went.
  4. Head to the information desk and state the purpose of transaction. Show the filled out form so you can already be given a que number to booth #7 where you can obtain R6 Form Form (Social Security System Miscellaneous Payment Form).
  5. Go to the Teller Section and line up there as you fill out four copies of R6 Form. Pay three hundred pesos, Php300.00. That’s all you have to pay for this entire replacement of ID transaction. Two copies of R6 form will be returned by the teller.
  6. Go back to booth #7 (without queue number this time, just wait for the seat to be vacated). She’ll get one copy of R6 Form then you will just be given another queue number here for lining up at the Data Capture section.
  7. In the Data Capture section, someone will input the details on your application form. Check all data inputs on the screen in front of you. They’ll also get your thumb and index fingerprint biometrics on both right and left hands. You would have to provide your signature specimen (don’t hesitate to ask for a retry if your signature came out like it isn’t yours the first time); and finally a camera headshot of you without eyeglasses, earrings or other unnecessary accessories and with your hair pulled/put back. If you can, wear a top with sleeves and collar.photogrid_1478165845992
  8. Expect the Acknowledgement Stub to be given to you. Keep this while waiting for nine (9) months for your new UMID – to be delivered at the address you specified in the application form. Yes, nine months! As in long 9 nine months equivalent to one full-term human gestation. If you were on Day 1 of pregnancy when you applied, baby’s already coming out you still don’t have your UMID card. This is based on my own experience. I followed up through email twice. They reply but I’m not sure if you have the patience for their response. They’ll tell you that after 4 months, they’ll be sending the card to the courier already, expect it in one month more. You’ll follow up again and they’ll quickly reply telling you to wait for one or 2 months more – they’re still sending the card through the mail. I wish my case was the worst. I hope you really get yours in 4 months as they promise or even less.

How to Save a Flushed Cellphone

           Sometimes life hands us a series of unfortunate events to which we respond to stupidly. I just burnt a pair of pants. Some 12 hours later, I flushed my Samsung J5 2016 in the toilet bowl. Flushed. My Cellphone. Into the Toilet. Wow!

             It just dawned on me that when I am happy I seem to act overly ecstatic. As a young kid, after my parents came home from Manila to buy us new clothes and Lego toys, I bumped my head into wall as I happily and haphazardly lie in bed. Now, from the relief of how my report at work is going, I mindlessly went in to the restroom and did something stupid that could’ve caused me my third cellphone in the span of a year.


            My Cherry Mobile Flare S4 got snatched from my Jansport bag after one Sunday Mass when I was so happy because of a conversation between me and a priest. I went to Malolos market feeling light, positive, happy and all that. Maybe my faith in the goodness of people was just all too out there that evil took notice and wanted to take  that happiness away. That was my first time to be snatched off of something. My SSS UMID ID was in the pocket of that cellphone’s cover.

            So I moved on and replaced that stolen cellphone with LG G4. This time, I used it without any protection whatsoever and broke its upper right corner screen. I was pissed off with a coworker at that time, then come break time I headed to a bank to withdraw money. I was about to enter the bank’s door but my cellphone slipped from my hands.

            I knew the replacement will cause me thousands but since it was still working so fine, I did not bother to have it repaired. Some months after, it had trouble recharging until it heats up alarmingly. Logo will appear longer than usual when being started until time came that the only thing it does is to restart and restart. I was told by the service center that the motherboard has to be replaced already since reprograming it won’t be of help. Replacing the motherboard also meant me paying cash which is also tantamount to a new LG G4. Warranty was void because of the broken screen and I couldn’t do anything.

            Nobody, even LG and Smart would want to listen to my concern and reasoning. I later found out that LG really has this very bad reputation when it comes to replacement of parts and aftersales. That’s unfortunate as its camera is really good if not the best there is for mobile phones. When I purchased G4, it was the only handset which could shoot at raw.

          journalyn So I moved on to Samsung J5 2016 after giving it much thought. I bought it for 12,000Php just maybe 3 weeks after it was launched in the Philippines. The moment I bought it, I already received a screen protector and a cover as gift from a friend. I promised myself I would take much care of it and was doing just fine until what happened last Thursday.

            Imagine me seeing on my Facebook memories that I had just bought my LG G4 a year ago and here I am again, settling on Myphone J1 Mini, a bestseller of this low-end cellphone brand while waiting for my Samsung to dry up completely.

            I decided to write this post to drop you guys some tips on what to do when you accidentally had your phone soaked in water and injected it with pressure at the same time (ex. you flushed it in a toilet bowl, forgot to remove it from your laundry and tossed it inside a washing machine, jumped to a swimming pool while cellphone’s inside your pants, flood).

            It was a blessing in disguise that the accident happened inside a restroom. There were plenty of tissue paper and there was a hand dryer.

  1. Do not lose your presence of mind as you have to be on top of the situation. You got to act faster than the water can short circuit the device. Remember that you have only one goal: dry up the device completely to avoid the electronic parts from short-circuiting.
  2. Immediately turn off your cellphone. In my case, I wanted to long press the power off button but my phone doesn’t seem to want to do that as it had to prompt this message that one sim card is already not recognized. Then, it vibrated. Somehow vibrations on cellphones already traumatized me as this was what was happening to LG G4 before it completely malfunctioned.
  3. I dried the exterior with toilet paper before opening it just to make sure I don’t add up to the water inside. Remove the sim cards, micro sd cards and battery (if you can).
  4. Bury the phone in uncooked rice. For me it helped because it absorbs moisture plus it served as insulation from too much heat as I had the phone sleep overnight inside the office’s generator room. This was the first 24 hours
  5. I did not turn it on until 3 days have passed. On the second day, it was sitting on room temperature, still buried in grains of uncooked rice. On the third day, I removed it from the rice letting natural air dry it up some more.
  6. I turned it on and thank God that it’s still working. Sim card settings for MMS and mobile browsing had to be set up again. This usually doesn’t occur if I just removed then reinserted the Sim card so that got me wondering for a bit but I think things are still working fine. So far so good but of course I’ll still be on the lookout for things that could go wrong because of unseen corrosion of electronic parts.
  7. I did not get to do this on the first 3 days, but I got some sound advice to wipe the phone with isopropyl alcohol to lessen chances of corrosion when the phone dries up. I did that after just because.

          Samsung earned my trust. For android, it’s still the way to go when resiliency is what you’re after. For the next 7 days, I won’t go to the restroom with my phone. I’ll be glad if this phone works and won’t get snatched for at least a year more. After that, I’ll accept its fate which lies in my hands, no matter what it is.


A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Every year when the Halloween frenzy is over,the market and media seem to also agree that we can again turn our focus on Christmas. Traditionally in the Philippines, there’ll be anticipation about the season as soon as -ber months starts to kick in on October 1st. Technically, though,  Christmas starts at the eve of December 24 and will continue until the Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord (between January 2-9, depending on the year and the diocese). For me, there are already tell-tale signs that the most thrilling rush is yet here again.

  1. For one, traffic goes from worst to worse than worst. Case in point, as I am typing this blog on mobile phone, I am now stuck on this seemingly long journey from the foot of North Ave. MRT station to the actual train. That’s after queuing to be loaded inside the 8th UV Express in Tabang terminal which also consumed half an hour sans the actual NLEX trip. Travel time is now prolonged but not necessarily painful, at least for me. I have to credit the flexible working hours I now have with my new company. No pressure.
  2. It’s in the air, in the cold of morning, the sun’s rays at the breaking of dawn. Somehow, I am no astronomical or geophysical instrument but the heart really knows those little solar irradiance differences brought by the winter solstice – even thought I live in the tropic.


    Santa Hat Dark Mocha has got to be the best Starbucks offered during Christmas. Hurray! Those 9 beverages won’t taste like punishment. ^_^

  3. Starbucks Holiday Cheers is here. November 2 usually marks the start of next year’s planner-sticker madness. We gotta gulp on on Christmas beverages again which usually just taste like paper so we don’t miss on the chance of getting that planner which we vowed not to get but we’ll still want anyway. My only consolation is that I really get to use the planner throughout the year. I use it for work because somehow it’s more acceptable to be seen with Starbucks planner in the corporate world than that of Belle de Jour.
  4. Office mates start reviewing basic employment laws regarding 13th month pay and in our minds we already have it spent down to the last cent. Just a reminder for you and for me to put a portion of it for paying debt, for savings and/or investment.
  5. Vacation plans. Talks on how to spend the Christmas vacation are silently lurking right on every corner. Rumor has it that in my new company, I’ll have 2 weeks of paid vacation without slashing it off my VLs or SLs.  How’s that, baby! That would be a good time to reunite with old friends and former office mates. I don’t plan om splurging but I owe some people little tokens of appreciation for helping me transition to where I am right now.
  6. Gratitude and hope and all the positive vibes. I’m conducting a partial summing up of the year that has been. Many blessings came pouring in -some were brought with the help of my most fervent prayers and still more were given through God’s amazing grace alone. It’s not even over yet. The best days are yet to come and that sends chill to my bones. My family is up to a major purchase this year so *fingers cross*.
  7. Songs. In malls the airwaves are slowly being controlled by Christmas carols. I’m arranging my playlist, too. My cellphone’s been flushed and salvaged recently and it’s a little sweet early Christmas surprise that I still have it working. What are your favorite Christmas songs? The First Noel remains my favorite because of its melody.It doesn’t matter if it’sung by kids, grown ups, by a chorale, soloist or plain instrumental. I love it. I want to discover more songs, though, that’s reminiscent of my most favorite time and yet is still playable the rest year. Any suggestion?

Let’s have the best Christmas yet, shall we?


The Blind Sees

So, I just burnt a black pair of pants I use at work and in church. It’s one of the 5 pants I had tailor-made this year that actually fits and whose zipper works but then, life happens. You know what I was doing when the incident happened? I was googling tips on how to safely operate a steam iron. Seriously. I bought a new one for our house in Bulacan last weekend, similar model to the one I have in our condo though I had always used it as a dry iron. It’s saddening and it scared me a bit because even after I turned the iron off, the burning continued, with smoke quickly filling up half the room. Good thing I did some a lot of shopping yester night. Before I lost, I already gained. Could it be that subconsciously I was thinking I have no need of those pair of pants already? Enough of this. I’ll let it go from here on.

Anyway, have you heard of Amazing Grace by Hillsong? I cannot share a video but there’s the Youtube link with more than 2M views already. Hillsong is a Christian worship singing group and have very good, heart-felt and well-meaning songs (the last three adjectives are all understatement as my vocabulary finds no words for the songs). I first liked “I Believe” when I discovered it last Holy Week. It’s my first favorite from the group. I’ll research more of their songs in the next few days but for now, I just want to play Amazing Grace on repeat all day long. The chorus is my favorite which goes like this:


Sometimes, when I like a melody, I don’t want to know the exact lyrics of the song. I invent words which seems more personal according to my interpretation of the music.It’s just that this time, I can love both lyrics and melody.

Last Sunday, we were commissioned again as Lectors and Commentators. It’s an annual thing. It was a Sunday like any other special Sunday, that is, before the 11AM Mass started. But when we started walking down the aisle it felt, different. As usual, I cried silently because of joy. There’s something about like more than 50 of us, dressed in the same garb, and me just staring at the altar while walking straightly an approximate of 200m stretch. The opening song also mentioned about Christ being the “joy in our song” and it just moved me because it’s indeed true. He is the joy in my song!


The newly commissioned Lectors and Commentators (Leccom) of Immaculate Concepcion Parish. It’s the second year of us being commissioned after St. Pope John Paul II’s Feast on October 22. He is our patron saint.

I must say it’s a blessing to have this Leccom family. Aside from being given a privilege I so not deserve, I get to know a lot of people, a way of God bringing me back to the society much like what He did to a leper (that’s another story). Honestly, I’m really bad at names and facial recognition. Years of being an introvert killed those brain cells responsible for good social skills. But the few that I know, are all a mix of interesting, kind-hearted sinners who continuously opens up their hearts to the Lord.

Pretty much all of them are my mentors, trust-worthy substitute and volunteers of aid to my weakness. Pretty much all of us are a mess as well. When people ask how my weekend went, and when I tell them that I sometimes attend one Sunday mass three times, and they tell me that I might get way past heaven, I just accept that as a  pleasantly-said snide remark because we both don’t know any better way to react.

You should have seen how disorganized we were come lunch time after the commissioning and you can say that that’s how pretty much messed up our lives are too. But then, nobody promised that life following Jesus is ever going to be easy. As the song above goes: We’re all lost but found, we were blind but now we see.


For two years now, our ministry arranges the exhibit for the feast of St. John Paul II. This fishbowl of quotes is a part of the exhibit and the displayed one, of a dear priest’s homily.

In my case, fatigue is still my number one enemy when it comes to this ministry. There are mornings when I really have to battle it out with the devil just so I can wake up out of bed. There are time when I’ll sleep at 2AM and have to wake up at 4AM, then travel more than 2 hours to reach the cathedral. I work in the corporate world and sometimes I feel like this ministry is meant for retirees. But as Ate Conching said, “The Holy Spirit wakes me.” It is God’s amazing grace manifesting every waking hour of each day.

Father Mameng, our rector and the priest who commissioned us, said, ” Hindi ka lektor dahil maganda ang boses mo o dahil gandang-ganda ka sa sarili mo.(You’re not a lector because you have great voice or because you think you’re beautiful). I know each one of us, especially those who have served for decades now find deeper and more meaningful reasons already. For me, not walking away from God’s grace is one. Serving also paved the way to teach me how to be thankful, to let go of burnt things no matter how much I thought I needed them because now I know that I really don’t, to recognize God working in all of our lives every day starting every morning and even in our sleep. All the pieces, broken and scattered, in mercy gathered, mended and whole. I’ve been set free and I’m not going back. Never again. Never again to that worst prison which is a closed heart.




Lola Payat

          Lola Payat (thin grandma) is how my siblings and I call her because of her slim physique. Natha and I coined that term because we have another Lola who was fat. My two younger brothers, one 7 years and the other 13 years younger than I, acquired that term from us.

            When Natha and I were toddlers, we often went to Lola Payat’s house. Lola Payat, by the way, survived my Lolo Pacio (Bonifacio) by more than a decade. I remember Lola Payat serving me the best of their Christmas Noche Buena food, reserved especially for her apo who doesn’t live with her on the same house and compound much like the rest of her grandchildren. One of my earliest memories of my very first travel was with her, when she bathed me, combed my wavy dark tresses and dressed me up prettily 80’s style, to go to Sta. Maria where her siblings used to live.

           Her death came at a point in my life that I consider the most challenging. I was preparing for the board exam and was literally buried in piles of books and equations. Our family was so financially broke at that time, details of that point was so painful, I refuse to remember. I was studying at a friend’s house when I received a text message informing me of her passing away. I couldn’t help but blrt my feelings out through the loudest of sobs.

           You can tell that she’s one of my deepest regrets in my relatively easy life. Sayang. Kasi hindi umabot. A few weeks after her death, had she waited a bit more, she could’ve seen her firs grandchild who finished college also successfully passed the board exam to be a registered engineer.

           Lola Payat was 70+ when she died but I knew the cause of he death wasn’t just old age. Like many Filipinos who aren’t financially well off, she died from lack of good (if any) medical attention.

          My phone alarmed me that October 3 is her death anniversary. I thought, if she were alive today, what could have been the things we were sharing? I could’ve given her gifts, bought her food and clothes, taken her to a movie and dinner every once in a while. Sadly, I didn’t get those chances. All I can do now is to include her and Lolo in Mass intentions whenever I can.


            I had a great and happy childhood. I grew up knowing I was loved and that’s largely because of Lola Payat. Most of my moments with her are also blurry in my mind, too. My father has her eyes, that I can remember. Even up to this day, her children love and respect her. Respect. I think that’s a rare thing to see with children towards their parents nowadays so it was really remarkable of her.

         Pray for us when you get to heaven, Lola. Let the scent of incense replace the tobacco’s smell you used to smoke. In heaven, you’ll find amusement  more satisfying than that of solitaire. You’ll wear there the finest skirts we didn’t get to shop here and even if you eat a lot, you’ll maintain that slim figure I unfortunately didn’t inherit.

Remember, Lord, those who have died

and have gone before us marked with the sign of faith,

especially our Lola Payat

May she, and all who sleep in Christ,

find in your presence

Light, happiness and peace

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Feel Like Resigning? Take It From Me.

          I’ve been working for more than six years now. I have resigned twice, both on July. Before I handed out my resignation letter, Facebook even reminded me of “memory to look back on”. It was of my declaration of freedom from my first company. I’ll update you if on July,  3 years from now, I would be resigning again from my third company.

          mockup Work is really a big part of our lives and if we’re not happy there or not happy anymore, we should move on to the next of other endless possibilities available out there. We are only limited by the walls we build ourselves  (I’ve read that somewhere). So before we turn into the bitter people who are always blaming their employer, the government, the system, the society at large for their own unhappiness and life choices, let us resign. Whooooh!

 Yes, the pasture is always greener on the other side.Because we are in this world for continual improvement. Sometimes, people are in the right job, right company, early on in their career life. Maybe the improvements they aim for can already be found where they are planted at the moment. It may just take a little tweak like new faces to work with, new clients, new projects, and the adventure that adventurous people like me seek is available at their reach. But for some like me, I had to experiment, test the water, taste the nutrients in the ground, then move on if I don’t see myself in that company for the long haul. I am not a plant anyway! Do not settle until you find your rightful place under the sun. God, I’m pretty sure, laid down something great, really great for all of us. As for me, I don’t mind spending a lifetime looking for that purpose and perform it really well, with real passion.

Good managers take resignation professionally.They will support the growth of their employees even if it meant letting them go. I learned one good managerial attitude from my soon-to-be-former-boss. He said, “No worries. Whoever among my employees resigns, I am ready, anytime.” The reality is that people come and go. A manager should always have backup plan. Tasks have to be delegated to a role, not a personality. My boss also took the time to thank me for all the services I’ve done and the relationships I built with him and the rest of the team. If your superior doesn’t react positively to your decision, then there’s all the more valid reasons for you to leave.

Get on with your next adventure.I was sure I wanted out but I was hesitant on how I’ll do it, or how I’ll break the news to my boss. I assumed it will come to him as a surprise as I told not a single soul in the workplace that I was actively looking outside for a job. My manager was surely the first to know about me resigning. I was hesitant to tell him not that I think that I’m irreplaceable, no one is. It’s just that I know he has a lot of plans including me. But that was the operative word , “including”. He has plans for the business but he’s definitely not doing that “for” me, just “with” me. My own growth, there is no one who would genuinely think about it by my own self. Wish the company more success but don’t let it happen at your expense.

The world will go on without you.Actually even without your boss. Bottom line is that the only indispensable person in the business is the owner, no one else. Chances are, your manager also has plans to leave the company, if not now, maybe a little bit later. Most managers will want to run their own businesses as well, doing the same things they do when they were employed; the difference is that they’ll no longer be mere employees when they leave. Some would go on just like you when they find a better opportunity. So yeah, they can definitely afford to lose you.

Your job deserves the best of you.I’ve been fulfilled with my past 2 jobs. Every day happened with ups and downs but the satisfaction was there, and there was money for bills. The day I feel like I’m no longer happy, that’s when I start looking for another job. There’s just no use in doing work half-heartedly. To be honest some work are easy, but easy is not what I’m looking for. I want something that’s worth it, something that will drive me wild from 8-5 and even beyond those working hours. Before I left, believe me that I tried my best to experience that in my current work, it’s just that me and my job, we weren’t made for each other.

          Stop second guessing. Do what’s best for you. In the corporate world, you should always be your priority. The company will take care of its own, with its interest as its own priority as well.

Product Review: Olay Skin Whitening Bar


Olay Skin Whitening Bar from BDJ

One fine afternoon, I received a pleasant surprise from Belle de Jour. The Olay girl in me rejoices.

Olay Skin Whitening Bar from Belle de Jour

     Its fragrance is hypnotic, calming, and sensual all at the same time. With its scent, it was evidently a pick-me-upper the moment I unboxed it. That prompted me to purchase Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk weeks before. So when I was sent a sample by Belle de Jour, it excited me as a very welcome treat.

     The soap moisturizes my dry skin, leaving it supple to touch. More importantly, it is helping my skin to recover from the ugly tan lines brought by the summer. It’s affordable too at Php34 for 60g, Php46 for 90g and is actually cheaper than most whitening soap from grocery stores.

     Olay, needless to say is a most trusted brand when it comes to skin care products. I, myself, am an avid user of Olay Total Effects 7in1 Anti-Ageing Moisturizer. Since this whitening bar boasts of ingredients also present from Olay’s another day cream, the Olay Natural White All in One Fairness Day Cream, it’s definitely a must buy for me! I highly recommend it and it will definitely occupy a space on my everyday bathing routine.


  • Fragrant
  • Moisturizes without the greasy, sticky feeling
  • Easy to rinse, good for on the go girls
  • Affordable
  • Made with rose and milk, natural
  • From Olay. Period.


  • No drastic whitening effects

Traces of Summer

     Summer was fun with the out of town trips and all, but sometimes it leaves nasty marks on our skin. This particular summer, though, my skin got darker than usual and for some reason, my complexion is having a hard time returning to its natural tone. I purposely do not use whitening soaps as I love my natural skin tone. I’m not mestiza nor morena so I think I strike a really good balance of both.   To be honest, most whitening soaps scare me as my skin is sensitive and prone to excessive drying so I purposely shy away from those. The mere mention of acid in kojic acid is intimidating and glutathione is something you should overdose with orally to take effect. But lately I noticed that the harsh tan lines are bothering – it has been months since my last beach trip and they’re still here! They’re not the sexy kind of tan lines, I got uneven skin tone from wearing tshirt on the beach so yeah, it’s more than unflattering when wearing sleeveless.

      Are you experiencing the same? Nowadays, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and color so I’ll be far from advocating whitening skin to look and feel more beautiful. But will you be one to agree that even skin tone is beautiful? And who would say no to glowing skin?

     So there comes Olay’s #onewashwonder campaign which promises to make skin look fairer from the first wash. That’s because of the illusion brought by the micro shimmer in the bar. Of course,it is still recommended to be used on a daily basis if you want effects that last longer. For immediate effects and long-term skin goals, this is it!

One Wash Wonder

Olay Whitening Bar

Remove traces of summer!

     Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk claims to reveal NATURAL white skin all over; GENTLY exfoliate skin and wash away dead skin cells; and EVEN SKIN TONE to make it look clean and clear. It’s not chemical-ladden, it doesn’t sting, and it accomplishes my goal of evening skin tone. Summer should remain in my memories and photographs, not on my skin!

     This bar is formulated with Egyptian Rosa Canina Rose Petals and milk. You may have heard by now that oil and water extracted from roses have several skin benefits. On higher concentrations, rose oil can even treat certain skin diseases. Milk of course won’t be used by Cleopatra for no beneficial reasons. Milk hydrates skin, exfoliates old skin and helps lighten it. If you think natural ingredients are still best for our bodies in the long run, then give this bar a try.

     It’s a big plus that this soap is easy to rinse. Lately, I go to the gym in the morning before work. After every workout it’s important for me to finish bath time in the most efficient manner.

My Verdict

     It’s 4.0/5.0 for Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk and I will definitely repurchase. After all, for bellas like us, living life to the fullest is sometimes just a #onewashwonder away.

Why I’m Voting for Roxas


Photo from Facebook page of Mar Roxas, one of five presidential candidates for the 2016 Philippine election

May 9, 2016 is set to be another Philippine Presidential election. Internet is abuzz with all the nitty-gritty details of news regarding campaign speeches and presidential debates. The coming polls is a scorching hot topic. Most people are threatening each other’s lives and lambasting each other’s dignity online, as if there’s no tomorrow, or as if they have the guts to actually say those words in real life.

Initially, I decided to defend my political opinion with just three words – wala kayong pakialam. I hated kwentong barbero because really, most of the time that conversation does nothing but to instill desperation and gossip, which results to hurt ego or broken friendship, in the course of those doubtfully intelligent duscussion. But there are some people who asked me without sounding like their putting off a challenge so for them I am gladly obliged to say my piece.

I am voting for Mar Roxas despite the raised eyebrows, indiferent stares I get when random strangers see me sipping juice from yellow 7-11 gulp cup, and the cyber-bullying hurled by some Duterte fans to all non-Duterte supporters. 

I support tuwid na daan. I like the performance of the present administration and like what I’ve been wanting for for so long, I can see continuity of that straight road with Mar Roxas. I wanted to see an administration that that’s not very insecure with its predecessor, erasing all traces of good works and accomplishments just to eradicate whatever good legacies the other president had. The rate that we’re going now is good economically speaking, and I don’t want us to go back to scratch once again.

Did you know that inflation rate ended up at just 1.5percent last 2015? It’s an indication of good performance. Numbers don’t lie. We’ve got to believe in something other than our own perceptions and the complaints of our neighbors who aren’t actually working hard to make this growth be felt. I dont want us reminising this past 6 years some decades from now and say “sayang”.

My life has been good for the past 6 years. That’s not to say I owe it to Aquino but if there’s a government which allows you to achieve your dreams if you only worked hard, then that for me is enough. True, there are lots of misses and imperfections I don’t even want to start enumerating. But that’s just the way it goes. Nobody’s perfect, no government is perfect. I cringe at the thought of so many Filipinos relying on Duterte to solve it all just by himself and in a snap (3-6months). Messiah marketing is at work and is so effective I’m starting to wonder if he’s starting a cult.

There are lots of room for improvements for this tuwid na daan but the basic and core foundation is already laid out. It just has to be continued and among the 5 presidential candidates, it is Mar Roxas who has that vision, acknowledging that a lot more has to be done, but what is good now will remain.

No one person can build this country alone. We all have to give, to contribute, to sacrifice. Someone who can inspire every single Filipino to love our country deeply to the extent of laying down their lives as if we’re fighting battles is the ideal leader. We are waging war against corruption and poverty everyday, anyway. In all honesty I see a portion of that inspirational leader with Mirriam but she’s sick. I cannot demean her cancer as just cancer because the number one requirement for me to become a president, more than being a natural-born citizen, is that you have to be alive, really alive, everyday, for the next 6 years.

Grace Poe to me is a surprise. During the presidential debates she earned my admiration. I didn’t know that she is that intelligent, articulate and accomplished as a senator considering the short span of her political career. She comes across to me as someone who is so brave that if I could only be half the woman that she is, I know I’m gonna be successful. She’s more than her father’s daughter but sadly aside from the fact that her entire family are US citizens, she’s still new. She lost me with the Spratly issue. On the other hand, I can bet my cards on Roxas when dispute with China gets worse than it is now.

Binay? I even told myself I’ll join the first rally against him if he still gets elected.

As for Duterte, I didn’t think even for one second that he is fit for the job. I never considered him. I don’t hate him because I don’t care about him personally. What I hate is the kind of attitude he awakened to Filipinos. It’s like the line between right and wrong has never been more blurred. I am not to judge anyone because only God knows what we do in the dark. But to flaunt murder as heroic or cool, what does it tell the public especially the youth? We may be well off during his administration if he wins (though it’s highly unlikely) but what about the years after that when the next generations take over without clear sense of right and wrong? What you don’t exchange even with riches and peace is your morality. Morality nowadays has been wrongly associated with being self-righteous that people blurt out “magpakatotoo ka” when they mean to say, “magpakagaspang  ka ng ugali”.

We’ll guess what, being good is our true nature. For Christians, we believe that we are made in the image of God. We are and should be Christ-like. For Muslims, I haven’t read the Quran but I believe that it was built out of goodness, too. At least Binay knows it’s bad to steal that’s why he keeps on denying it. Duterte violates the law and corrupts through the worst sin possible and still thinks it’s okay. And the people cheer on!

Roxas said in his closing remarks on the first presidential debate that what he wants is simple: he has a job and he has savings, he wants the rest of our countrymen to also have the same. He may be elitist but he wants to include everyone in that circle. Do you not wonder why so many politicians love the poor and make them stay poor because the poor loves them back?

Drugs and crime are prevalent because of poverty. Im not patronizing criminals but drug abuse can come from loneliness and distress and crimes are committed because of poverty. Kapit sa patalim like what most people are doing now- holding on to promises depsite lack of concrete platforms because it sounds and looks good on the surface. Killing victims of poverty and evil is never a solution. I dont care if Duterte means killing literally or not. Murder is a sin. It should not be done nor encouraged. Saying that criminals who aren’t even tried and tested deserve to die and only non-criminals deserve to live is what’s self-righteous. 

As of now my candidate seems weak but still on the running to become the 3rd repuplic’s 16th president. What if he doesnt win? It’s okay. I’m not a diehard fan anyway.

 This may not sound very poor-friendly, but we have to hear this: Do not expect the government to take care of you. How do I know that my life would improve in the next 6 years regardless of whoever wins? Because I put my hope in the Lord and I’m willing to work hard for that goal. I will survive despite whatever. I hope other Filipinos will have that thinking, too. Let’s start with fixing our own lives. Allow government to be a factor but not the determining factor of the quality of life we should have. 

So there I have vented it out. Not entirely, but this will do. The rest of my political view I’ll express by casting my ballot on May 9. This is not written for any reason except for exercising my right to express. I’m doing it – while I still can. Yes, this is not to even influence any reader because I don’t believe in campaigns. More importantly, I’m against loud people who did not even bother to register or will not even go out to vote on May 9 but want other people to vote in their behalf by influencing them! Each of us has our own needs; we all have our own discernments, and we are all so full of ourselves and our own opinions anyway that no matter what happens we will vote for who we want to vote. The beauty of Filipino democracy is that one vote belongs to each registered voter, regardless of who you are, your possessions, connection or education. And then, majority wins.

I doubt the wisdom of people collectively. I dont believe in vox populi vox dei. But if someone would ask me who my president is, I’d say that my president is whoever wins. But for this coming election, my candidate is Mar. I will respect majority decision no matter how stupid it would be to me. I will support the government and the president because he/she will represent the country, all 102 million of us around the world, and all 120 years of everything we have and have not become as a republic.

Let the 10 commandments be our guide and the Holy Spirit our conscience.


March Solar Eclipse


“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly.” – Shakespeare

My sleeping habit is just horrendous lately. I’ll lull myself to sleep at 2AM, wake up at 6AM, fall back to sleep ’cause it’s still too early, then finally wake up for real at 8:30AM to report to work which also has 8:30AM call time. Repeat.

March is my birth month. Of course, I was on the height of optimism during New Year but two months of 2016 already passed. As much as I would want to update my 2016 goals positively, I don’t even want to check the promises I swore to myself. My fitness, financial, spiritual and self-improvement goals are way behind targets.

It’s my second week feeling under the weather as well. Every waking hour is like battle between good and evil. Sadly, evil won over the weekend to which I really feel guilty about. There was a great (as I’ve heard) ministry activity that I missed because, I overslept. My head, face and lungs hurt. Must be pneumonia again. This backs up one great realization that there are things which I can do very so often and no one gives a damn, until I stop doing it. By then, gravity just pulls real hard.

Even the weather don’t know how to behave. One night, I  stuck my head out of the empty ACU provision, just to feel cooler breeze than the air circulating inside our condo unit. Picture above was taken while I actually had my head stuck out! I was this close to buying an expensive air cooler impulsively. Then the next night, I almost had leg cramp because it was cold.

I can’t pinpoint it but maybe I should be doing something important – the reason why I can’t sleep much lately. But come to think of it, the sun and moon may not know what to do either. They, too, are still undecided on what to do for the rest of infinity.

Today, March 9, a total solar eclipse is happening. It’s day that turns into night. Peculiar as it is as a phenomenon, it’s occurrence is also as unpredictable. Solar eclipses can happen as frequent as five times a year – but not every year. As per NASA, only 25 years in the past 5,000 years have experienced total solar eclipses.

I may not know how God wants to operate the universe but I’ve been warned NOT to look at eclipses directly. So maybe, enough of this overthinking? I shouldn’t worry, too.

Ashes and Dust Randomness

_Remember, man, you are dust, and to dust you shall return_

Ash Wednesday, though not a day of obligation, marks the start of Lent, and I together with most Filipino Catholics observe this tradition.


Can they really make or break your entire day? Why do we give mornings such big authority? I gave this privilege of deciding my today to the night before. I wrote on my journal and it’s really my kind of prayer and connecting with myself. I told myself our game plan and how we’re going to approach today and the days hereafter. We just stopped talking when we reached March because really, that would be too much future-planning for both of us. Not much of what we plan come into fruition so to avoid too much disappointments and waste of time, we stopped at March.

Is that weird? I live alone with 5 other people in our condo unit so I think it’s natural and expected that I just talk to my self after work. I don’t hear voices. Yet. I’m gonna write about it once I do.

Battling Weight.

So yesternight had a good job of psyching me up for today. I woke up early and rose early. Sometimes, those two are really two different steps. I can just wake up early and spend 3 hours checking my social media accounts looking and finding nothing. Such a waste of life! Such an entertaining way to waste life. So I rose from bed and decided to make my dreams come true. I jogged and walked to a nearby mental hospital where they let outsiders use their premises for jogging or biking. This is my strongest run/jog since last year. I was able to jog 2.5rounds without rest. I weighed myself after and I found out I’m .15kg heavier than the 1st of February. Great! I’m aiming to lose 1kg per month. For January I failed – I have a lot of reasons why, I accept the result and moved on to February. I still have a couple of alibi but today is beautiful. That exercise was good!

Fasting and Abstinence.

Fasting and Abstinence Guide for Catholics.

Fasting and Abstinence Guide for Catholics. (Photo not mine.)

Induction cooker in our condo doesn’t work for some unknown reason. I brought it to the office and had our repair service department do the works. Hopefully it gets fixed so I won’t have to buy a new one. Nevertheless that broken induction cooker helps me with fasting and abstinence today because hey, it’s Ash Wednesday! I’m 27 and is a Catholic all these years but this is the first year that I really got to know what fasting and abstinence means. Abstinence = no pork. Fasting =less than 2 full meals for the entire day (not 3, without snacks). All Fridays during Lent, ages 14-59 have to fast. Fasting and abstinence is required again on Good Friday. Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lenten season, by the way.

What fasting reminded me? This part of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si.

  1. The natural environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of everyone. If we make something our own, it is only to administer it for the good of all. If we do not, we burden our consciences with the weight of having denied the existence of others. That is why the New Zealand bishops asked what the commandment “Thou shall not kill” means when “twenty percent of the world’s population consumes resources at a rate that robs the poor nations and future generations of what they need to survive”.

Money, which will be otherwise spent on food and cravings should be given to those who need them more. Why not just eat normally, and by normally it means excessively for some, then give alms? The homily for this Ash Wednesday at Our Lady of Fatima Parish brought up one point. Because by then, you’ll just be giving your excesses. Whereas when we fast, we give up something we really, really, really need (I’m hungry right now) for other people. Isusubo mo na lang, ibibigay mo pa sa iba. It’s a small gesture of self-sacrifice, a tiny imitation of how Jesus showed us that He loves us. “Thou shall not kill” has taken on additional meaning.

Ash Wednesday.

From last Sunday’s homily, Father Chi said that from the readings we can see that the Lord speaks to his people in:

1.) church or temple

2.) on the streets

3.) by the beach!!! (Peter Simon as a fisher of man)

***Like any homily, maybe those are not what were exactly said, but those are what I heard (I just love beaches, the sea and the sand, hmmmmm). To encounter God and to make this Lent meaningful, I think I have to concentrate on number 2. I’m doing number 1 and 3 already. Or am I really?

There’s just too much to be done – with street children, senior citizens, young mothers and their babies, physically handicapped, mentally retarded, etc. It’s true that it’s wrong to put all the responsibilities, hope and blame to the government. We’re all too aware they can’t do it all especially when they’re all busy trying to win the next election.

More Randomness.

I was happy yesterday because I found out Maine Mendoza approved my comment on her VDAY post! Simple joys.

Venice Piazza in McKinley Hills, Bonifacio Global City is now open to the public for picture taking and closed to the public for gondola riding. There were some who are kind of privileged to take the first rides but they are invited guests. The canal is not as long but is wider than the one inside Venetian Hotel in Macau.

Traffic in BGC is horrible!

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Of Gifts this Gift-giving Season

For Me

Great that I received at least 5 pouches/wallets/organizers/ecobag this Christmas. Gift giving and Christmas parties aren’t even over yet though it’s already January. It’s possible I may receive more of this kind. But truth be told I appreciate gifts like these. It’s a bonus if it’s pink or something really colorful ‘coz that’s how I like most of my stuffs.  I need these things but I don’t buy them for some unknown reasons. Maybe because I subconsciously think I’ll get some for Christmas anyway. And when I need replacements I’ll also get them on the next holidays. Happy!



Some of the organizers I received.

Got handkerchief and towels too.I like that those gifts are super practical. No matter how many of these you already have, new additions are always very much welcome. I also got bars of soap in an exchange gift and an umbrella which I like a lot because of the logo it bears (LecCom Ministry).

Hmmm…What more did I receive? My sister gave me a special bracelet-which is expensive according to her. I used this on Christmas serve (Mass at 7AM in the cathedral) and will use it all the days after that.


This is sweet.

Of Non-Material Things

I met a lot of people this year. Mostly new friends from church ministry whom i should say are a bunch of crazy, cool and kind LecCom. My weekends and holidays are busier than weekdays and its mostly because of my church schedule and commitments. This December I happened to attend  3 Christmas parties/get-together and one wedding with my newfound friends. Probably one of the best non-material things one can receive.


Lectors and Commentators Family. “The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know that well.” Crazy, beautiful people.

My cousins from a distant province visited our clan. We were reunited with them for a short while.

In all fairness to the company which I currently work for, they gave out quality Christmas food packages. Though I didn’t attend the global group Christmas party I helped prepare the Christmas presentation which won the grand prize! Got some praises and thank you for that from my boss. (The participants and supposed to be participants….never mind.) So that’s another non-material gift this season.  For our own company’s party, I helped host the games and raffle.

From Me

I enjoyed the gifts I received. But the joy I felt upon seeing some reactions from recipients of my gifts are equally, or maybe even more, enjoyable. Thank God they liked the gifts ‘coz I had really put some thoughts before and upon my rush purchases.


Smartwatch I got from office Christmas party raffle.

This year I kind of started to recycle gifts but I gave out the more expensive ones like the smart watch and the portable video recorder (spy pen) I got from a raffle to my two brothers.

With kids I gave out gifts and money. It’s my second Christmas to print stickers to seal or label the money envelopes.  I make it an effort to give not only material things but real good news to my godchildren most of whom I only see once a year. The following day or afternoon those kids will head to the mall and spend the money but the message in the stickers I hope will be instilled in their young minds.

I wish my financial capacity could give more to my inaanaks but for now we all have to make do of what is, hehehe. Godparents shouldn’t be obliged to give material things during Christmas, yes. But at least be there for them in some ways. Escape is a big no-no for me. That’s to say people are only after money. I’m lucky to have great and faithful godmothers while growing up until I finished college. They always made me feel loved not only during Christmas so to emulate and thank them I just wanted to pay it forward.

Merry Christmas.



New Year 2014

Title is right. This was written 2 years ago after New Year  so I thought why not publish it? We are gearing towards 2016 which is actually on Friday. I’m feeling sentimental once again.

I know the name of the parish priest now. I actually had the privilege to work/serve with him through the parish’s official newsletter and shared some conversations with him over a meal or two. Great to look back on how I felt or how I was thinking from a not so distant past…


This is the first time I saw the new parish priest. I feel attached to the former who is relocated in Sta. Maria, Bulacan but I like the first sermon he gave this first day of the year. When the homily makes me want to cry, I am moved by it. That for me is a first sign that it is effective- when it was able to enlighten your mind and touch your heart.

The homily gave instructions on how to start the New Year right. There are just so many thoughts to ponder on but I would like to take the main points also from the priest’s summary.

1. To fill our souls with faith, love and hope just as what Mama Mary did and to make sure that each step we take is towards the path that leads us to the Lord just like what the shepherds did when they followed the star leading to Christ in the manger.
2. One who thinks, thanks. We are encouraged to look back on the past year and meditate on what we’ve been through so we can see how blessed we are.

This is the time of the year when media now bombards us a lot of predictions according to feng shui and astrological signs. We also maintain some traditions that may be harmful or neutral but definitely puts the spirituality of an occasion to a non-priority.

The myths of the 12 round fruits and wearing of polka dots and eating rice cake were debunked asserting that it isn’t the market we should first visit when new year comes but to search the Lord and walk towards his path.

My eardrum almost blasted due to the firecrackers burnt by neighbors on the break of New Year. I don’t appreciate loud noises personally. As confirmed, the bad spirits do not lurk on corners and empty spaces of the house and they cannot be driven away by firecrackers that injured 599 people as of night of January 1, 2014. Bad spirits, however, are thoughts that enter our mind and our soul which cannot have a space to fill if we are “full of grace”.

Our country had been through a lot last year and for now I just don’t want to be reminded of how grim Yolanda was and how it made me feel . I just want to be thankful that yes, it didn’t happen to me and my family and that yes, our countrymen who experienced it are now rising from the ruins.

I plan to start small such as taking care of my self and body this year. It’s work out time again! What the priest said struck me. So many people are sick and yet I am healthy and I take my health for granted. I wish for good luck and fortune to come my way yet I don’t have concrete plans for my career and determination to really pour myself into working hard.

2014 is going to be great. I’m in for a good start and I’m thankful for these good instructions I obtained on the first day.

Christmas in Policarpio Street

Nativity Scene in Policarpio Street

Nativity Scene on one of the houses in the famed Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong City


I’ve been wanting to go to Policarpio Street years ago. Every year, local news channel covers this street in Mandaluyong City because of the houses- which one cannot distinguish as houses anymore because every inch is covered with Christmas lights.

House of Santa in Policarpio Street

Called House of Santa for obvious reasons, this is one of the reasons to brave Christmas traffic and locate Policarpio Street

How to go: From Boni MRT Station, ride jeepney with Acacia Lane signboard or any jeepney that will pass that lane (could be “Boni” or “Stop-N-Shop” signboards). Minimum fare.


Honestly, there’s not much to Policarpio Street. There were 3 houses in that street that are worth seeing but that’s it. Bless those who shoulder the electric bill and decorations costs just to make other people happy! But the rest of the street is just overrated by so much media exposure.

There were lots of small stalls or booths that sell cheap toys, food and even kitchen ware. We were done after thirty minutes or so.


House that matters no.3



House that matters no. 3. This one is my favorite.



Dainty little corner.


Here to grasp some of the Christmas vibe.


Even the palm trees of house no. 3 is decorated.



My God! I feel like searching the web on “how to deal with backstabber and insecure people aside from ignoring them”.

I feel like wanting to read Bo Sachez’ book, “How to Deal with Vampires”, once again. The only thing I picked up from the first time I read it is to “wear an invisible helmet”. That book said something like, if there are people who suck out the good energies in your life, distance yourself from them – if not physically (as in the case of family, circle of friends, boss or co-worker) distance yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually or whatever. Seems like I want to do more than that now.

My  big questions are: Why do backstabbers exist? Did God also created them? Why?If they are not happy with their own lives, why do they feel this need to infect others, too? I do not get the merits of crab mentality and the throwing of all those innuendos. It’s an epic fail of covering revolting, repulsive odor of insecurity with perfume of make-believe superiority and false happines.

So I searched and guess what? Wikihow has steps ready for my question in its “How to Deal with Backstabbers” article. I love the internet.

But here’s my take. It doesn’t mean that when one keeps  silent it means he’s as stupid as vampires wanted him to feel. But it kind of sends that vibe therefore, speaking up seems to be the way to go.

Confront that backstabber! Euphemism: Discuss with the vampire person the issues on hand, what you think he has done and how those made you feel. This isn’t easy but acting like nothing’s wrong when you feel there’s tons of wrongs isn’t easy either. One of the reasons why it ain’t easy is because you may be wrong in your assumptions all along. The innuendo and attacks might not be directed to you or are not present at all. So before this, be very sure. Gather evidence, document things if you have to. Then slap those evidences on his face!

Also, pray. Pray for your enemies. Love them. But remember, they are not your friends!!! It’s true that there are people whom you can love more and better from a distance. This includes life’s vampires.

Still, I’m thinking on searching steps on how to “give a doze of someone’s own medicine”? I’m rethinking the meaning of what “turning on the other cheek” when I’m wanting to punch someone in the face.

But know what’s amazing? I already feel better just by venting my situation right here. I love writing!