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A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Every year when the Halloween frenzy is over,the market and media seem to also agree that we can again turn our focus on Christmas. Traditionally in the Philippines, there’ll be anticipation about the season as soon as -ber months starts to kick in on October 1st. Technically, though,  Christmas starts at the eve of December 24 and will continue until the Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord (between January 2-9, depending on the year and the diocese). For me, there are already tell-tale signs that the most thrilling rush is yet here again.

  1. For one, traffic goes from worst to worse than worst. Case in point, as I am typing this blog on mobile phone, I am now stuck on this seemingly long journey from the foot of North Ave. MRT station to the actual train. That’s after queuing to be loaded inside the 8th UV Express in Tabang terminal which also consumed half an hour sans the actual NLEX trip. Travel time is now prolonged but not necessarily painful, at least for me. I have to credit the flexible working hours I now have with my new company. No pressure.
  2. It’s in the air, in the cold of morning, the sun’s rays at the breaking of dawn. Somehow, I am no astronomical or geophysical instrument but the heart really knows those little solar irradiance differences brought by the winter solstice – even thought I live in the tropic.


    Santa Hat Dark Mocha has got to be the best Starbucks offered during Christmas. Hurray! Those 9 beverages won’t taste like punishment. ^_^

  3. Starbucks Holiday Cheers is here. November 2 usually marks the start of next year’s planner-sticker madness. We gotta gulp on on Christmas beverages again which usually just taste like paper so we don’t miss on the chance of getting that planner which we vowed not to get but we’ll still want anyway. My only consolation is that I really get to use the planner throughout the year. I use it for work because somehow it’s more acceptable to be seen with Starbucks planner in the corporate world than that of Belle de Jour.
  4. Office mates start reviewing basic employment laws regarding 13th month pay and in our minds we already have it spent down to the last cent. Just a reminder for you and for me to put a portion of it for paying debt, for savings and/or investment.
  5. Vacation plans. Talks on how to spend the Christmas vacation are silently lurking right on every corner. Rumor has it that in my new company, I’ll have 2 weeks of paid vacation without slashing it off my VLs or SLs.  How’s that, baby! That would be a good time to reunite with old friends and former office mates. I don’t plan om splurging but I owe some people little tokens of appreciation for helping me transition to where I am right now.
  6. Gratitude and hope and all the positive vibes. I’m conducting a partial summing up of the year that has been. Many blessings came pouring in -some were brought with the help of my most fervent prayers and still more were given through God’s amazing grace alone. It’s not even over yet. The best days are yet to come and that sends chill to my bones. My family is up to a major purchase this year so *fingers cross*.
  7. Songs. In malls the airwaves are slowly being controlled by Christmas carols. I’m arranging my playlist, too. My cellphone’s been flushed and salvaged recently and it’s a little sweet early Christmas surprise that I still have it working. What are your favorite Christmas songs? The First Noel remains my favorite because of its melody.It doesn’t matter if it’sung by kids, grown ups, by a chorale, soloist or plain instrumental. I love it. I want to discover more songs, though, that’s reminiscent of my most favorite time and yet is still playable the rest year. Any suggestion?

Let’s have the best Christmas yet, shall we?


Of Gifts this Gift-giving Season

For Me

Great that I received at least 5 pouches/wallets/organizers/ecobag this Christmas. Gift giving and Christmas parties aren’t even over yet though it’s already January. It’s possible I may receive more of this kind. But truth be told I appreciate gifts like these. It’s a bonus if it’s pink or something really colorful ‘coz that’s how I like most of my stuffs.  I need these things but I don’t buy them for some unknown reasons. Maybe because I subconsciously think I’ll get some for Christmas anyway. And when I need replacements I’ll also get them on the next holidays. Happy!



Some of the organizers I received.

Got handkerchief and towels too.I like that those gifts are super practical. No matter how many of these you already have, new additions are always very much welcome. I also got bars of soap in an exchange gift and an umbrella which I like a lot because of the logo it bears (LecCom Ministry).

Hmmm…What more did I receive? My sister gave me a special bracelet-which is expensive according to her. I used this on Christmas serve (Mass at 7AM in the cathedral) and will use it all the days after that.


This is sweet.

Of Non-Material Things

I met a lot of people this year. Mostly new friends from church ministry whom i should say are a bunch of crazy, cool and kind LecCom. My weekends and holidays are busier than weekdays and its mostly because of my church schedule and commitments. This December I happened to attend  3 Christmas parties/get-together and one wedding with my newfound friends. Probably one of the best non-material things one can receive.


Lectors and Commentators Family. “The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know that well.” Crazy, beautiful people.

My cousins from a distant province visited our clan. We were reunited with them for a short while.

In all fairness to the company which I currently work for, they gave out quality Christmas food packages. Though I didn’t attend the global group Christmas party I helped prepare the Christmas presentation which won the grand prize! Got some praises and thank you for that from my boss. (The participants and supposed to be participants….never mind.) So that’s another non-material gift this season.  For our own company’s party, I helped host the games and raffle.

From Me

I enjoyed the gifts I received. But the joy I felt upon seeing some reactions from recipients of my gifts are equally, or maybe even more, enjoyable. Thank God they liked the gifts ‘coz I had really put some thoughts before and upon my rush purchases.


Smartwatch I got from office Christmas party raffle.

This year I kind of started to recycle gifts but I gave out the more expensive ones like the smart watch and the portable video recorder (spy pen) I got from a raffle to my two brothers.

With kids I gave out gifts and money. It’s my second Christmas to print stickers to seal or label the money envelopes.  I make it an effort to give not only material things but real good news to my godchildren most of whom I only see once a year. The following day or afternoon those kids will head to the mall and spend the money but the message in the stickers I hope will be instilled in their young minds.

I wish my financial capacity could give more to my inaanaks but for now we all have to make do of what is, hehehe. Godparents shouldn’t be obliged to give material things during Christmas, yes. But at least be there for them in some ways. Escape is a big no-no for me. That’s to say people are only after money. I’m lucky to have great and faithful godmothers while growing up until I finished college. They always made me feel loved not only during Christmas so to emulate and thank them I just wanted to pay it forward.

Merry Christmas.