So Young Now!

happy birthday from canva without border

And so it’s my birthday! 🎉🎊🎉🎊☝💒❤

Last year, I started my 27th year on earth with a procession for Palm Sunday. This year March 29th did not fall during the Holy Week, so yeah, I can “celebrate”. But still, I don’t think I would. I’m not too big on birthday celebrations, anyway. I just have maybe a few expectations.😄🎁❤

I’m not sulking down with this matter but it has to be addressed. You know the drill when it’s your birthday: people ask you how old you are now. Upon knowing you’re nearing 30 years old and still unmarried, folks will throw on unsolicited advices- which are genuine concern at best and nasty Filipino culture at the very least. Like if I would choose to be as vocal as them, I’d say, “Bakit? May deadline ba? (Why? You have a deadline?)” or “Pano ka nakasiguro na lahat ng tao gustong mag-asawa? (How sure are you that everybody wants to get married?)” or “Por que ikaw nagkaanak ng ganitong age, gusto mo ako din? (Just because you had children at this age you want me to do the same?)”. But for the sake of uncalled-for quarrel and to shorten this “small talk”, I just smile.

You know that feeling when you’re super happy and content that you just wanna be suspended in that moment in time? That’s where I am right now. I don’t feel like something is missing. So why do people want me to feel pathetic just because I don’t do it their way?

I have no concrete life plans as of now. It’s pretty messed up for a 28 year old not to have plans but as much as I’m concerned, I’ll just live one day at a time. I still like spontaneity every so often so let’s just enjoy life, dear self. Judging by what’s happening right now, I’m confident God is in charge so I put my full hope in the Lord. Nothing worldly is certain, anyway, we just have to make this passing-by worthwhile.

Cases in point, a colleague just brought with him a bad news regarding his father’s health (diagnoses with brain tumor). I also guided my mother and uncle on their way to a hospital in the metro for a supposed checkup before surgery. Of course, we should lay down plans, be responsible adults – as best as we could- but those 2 cases are proofs that we could only do so much. It’s just being ready for anything and living life to the fullest while we still can, because obviously, we cannot do that all the time.

I heard Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish near our condo unit, reporting to The One I am solely and solemnly oblige to explain to. The rest of the day went by like any other day at work, with more heartwarming greetings, sweet thoughts, well wishes the entire day. How people make me feel on a single day of the year doesn’t matter so much like how they treat me the rest of the 364.25 days.
So I thank those people who serve as my angels, guiding me and accompanying me at any point of my relatively young life. Whether life is smooth-sailing or rough, this one is true: “The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord!” (Responsorial Psalm, March 29, 2016, Tuesday)

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